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Funny Cats Compilation

Top 10 best cats in coffee Latte Art, Baristas special!

Have you ever heard of Latte Art? It’s a art form where a barista (a coffee specialist) creates an artwork in the foam of your favorite coffee. There are some amazing works, and when I recently saw some cats made out of coffee, I just had to share there with you. I consider these the top 10 latte art focused on cats. Random order, so you decide your ultimate coffee cat champion!

1. A cat in a coffee cup, catching some fishes in another cup

latte art cat in coffee

2. A barista made latte art once. Grumpy cat hated it.

latte art grumpy cat

3. This kitty just popped up out of your coffee

latte art cat in coffee

4. Your coffee just became a whole lot happier

latte art cat in coffee

5. This would be a dating catlover’s best drink

latte art cat in coffee

6. Look at that smile and those cheeks!

latte art cat in coffee

7. One of the most realistic Latte art I’ve come across

latte art cat in coffee

8. Would you even dare to drink this?

latte art cat in coffee

9. Fat Kitty in Coffee reminds you to cut back on the sugar!

latte art cat in coffee

10. Those pink toes are just amazing!

latte art cat in coffee

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