Funny Cats Compilation

Cats shaved like a lion, hoax or crazy owners

This cat is not a happy lion

The story behind the picture is that the shave-job was an accident. Other sources say this story is a hoax and that the owner did this for cosmetic reasons. But this was not a stand-alone case! …read more

PETA vs. Caboodle Ranch - shocking update

PETA vs Caboodle Ranch

Caboodle Ranch is a place that shelters stray cats in an unique way. They have their own small trailers and live in a community. PETA discovered poor living conditions and informed officials who seized the cats. …read more

The secret of Catnip and why your cat loves it so much

I love da catnip sooooo much

Most of us know that cats go crazy for catnip. It makes them roll around, drool or meow as if they were possessed. But what is catnip and why do cats like it so much… and is it safe? …read more

Cats that look like Hitler


There are some cats that look like famous people, but cats that look like Hitler… scary but true. These felines are spot on Adolfable …read more