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A heartwarming reddit story, cossette the stray kitty

After reading this amazing story on Reddit, I had to share it with you all!

“she showed up one night through our backdoor; which we keep open for our rescue German shepherd ‘teddy’. she was semi-feral and flea ridden… covered in blood from the amount of fleas on her…now she’s flea free and the cutest most cuddly kitty ever.

Her name is from the book ‘les miserables’ because Cossette is an orphan child in the book that is raised in a miserable family and treated very poorly until she is saved by the main character and thus lives an extremely happy life afterwards; JUST LIKE OUR NEW KITTY WILL!”

cossette, the stray cat
Giving her a flea bath…thats blood in the sink. There were so many fleas

cossette, the stray cat
She wasn’t too happy

cossette, the stray cat
She’d almost given up (dead eyes), you can see all of the fleas in her white fur. And there were hundred more

cossette, the stray cat
A little bit cleaner (and less fleas), the bath didn’t deal with everything… but it helped her a lot

cossette, the stray cat
Her 3rd night with us… after the flea bath, she’s much happier now

cossette, the stray cat
Cosy being completely complacent and content, she’s starting to get energy back now and finally be frisky… we thought she was 4-5 weeks… but the vet assistant weighed her and thought she was 8 or 9 weeks…we’ll see when she sees the vet proper this weekend


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