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Beautiful cat art and drawings

I have always had a thing for artfully drawn animals, especially cats. I never really liked very realistic drawings and neither do I love cartoons. What I do like is stylish designs of cats. These are just some animated/drawn cats that I find amazing!

Musti (Onze lieve kleine kat)

Musti onze lieve kleine kat

I know I just said i don’t like cartoon drawings, but to me Musti is not a cartoon. Musti is part of my childhood and besides that, I just love the minimalistic style! Musti is a show about a small kitten, drawn in Belgium by creator Ray Goossens around 1969. That’s right, that’s BEFORE “Hello Kitty” was drawn (Hello Kitty was drawn in 1974). I feel like Hello Kitty kind of ripped off Musti, but that’s a topic I won’t go into.

Off course targeted at children, Musti had to be cute, and boy, did they succeed on that or what! Musti is the cutest cat drawing there is. Period.

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir - The black cat

Did you know that Le Chat Noir is French for “The Black Cat”? It’s a retro-style poster that originated in France around 1880. Le Chat Noir was a entertainment nightclub in Paris, and the poster became a symbol for this type of establishments. The design is style full: it invites you to explore its meaning and the facial expression is mystifying. Now that I’m writing this, I really need to get this vintage poster framed and hung on my wall.


Kotovasiya cat drawing postcards from russia

Yeah that’s no easy name is it. Ko-to-Va-Si-Ya. Its a series of minimalistic cats in all kind of situations. I first saw these on a postcard my wife received. What I like about these cats is that the simple drawing style goes so well with the different backgrounds these cats are pictured in.

American McGee’s Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat American McGee's Alice

This little hellish feline comes from a game called “American McGee’s Alice” or just “Alice“. Released in 2000, i remember playing this amazing game and being impressed most by the game’s scary companion: the “Cheshire Cat”. Aside from looking terrifying beautiful this game creature would tell you the most cryptic things in the game, running shivers down your spine! I just love this design!

Simon’s Cat

Simon's Cat drawing

C’mon, how awesome is this cat! Simon’s cat is clumsy and silly, but you just got to love him. Always getting into trouble but always amusing the interwebs! I really love the animated shorts by Simon Tofield (the creator of Simon’s Cat). Check out his website here: www.simonscat.com. Again, the simple drawing style is what makes this drawing so good. Its funny and simple and just amazing!

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