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Black cats: bad luck or just unlucky

Black cats bring bad luck to themselves, its true. If you take a look at the adoptions from litters and shelters or even when asking people about cats, it becomes clear that black cats are usually not preferred. A local cat shelter told that in almost all cases, whenever they had a litter of kittens, the black kitten would always be last to leave or not be adopted at all.

Maybe people still think of cats as fashionable or have a mindset of how a cat should look. The black cats I’ve encountered didn’t differ from other cats in character, so I guess we as people are pretty shallow.

Or maybe its to blame on ye ol’ days when black cats were considered to be a witch’s companion and bring bad luck. This superstition started in the middle-ages and led to mass-killings of cats in Europe. The bible even helped portray black cats as associates of the devil or demons. In later folklore a black cat could also bring good luck on occasions. There are some myths that state that encountering a black cat on your doorstep will bring luck and prosperity.

If you or your family ever decide to adopt a cat or kitten, consider a black coated purrball. Lets hope that in the years to come, opinions on black cats will change for that better so that these cats have a bigger chance of being adopted and that the looks of a cat really don’t matter, its the love and bond between pet and owner.

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  • PurrferablyDevine

    I agree with this one hundred percent. I have two black cats myself and they are the most adorable pieces of heaven and I dont know what i’d do without them. They bring me happiness. These old “Myths” are never to be taken literally anyway. I am a major animal person and in no way religious so of course anything in the bible that refers to any living creature as evil would be considered to me as completely and utterly absurd.

  • Deedee

    I grow up having 3 black cats out of 7 and they were all wonderful and playfull. They have been with me from my first grade until I’m in my 20’s. They’re not badluck, absolutely not! People should change on hiw they look at black cats.

  • KZ

    Black cats are the best! You don’t see their hair around the house!

    • Renkotsu

      lol I know. That’s what I told my husband who really isn’t too fond of cats. Apparently a lady who works in their studio brings her cat to meetings and this cat seems to really like my husband lol. kept rubbing against his leg and wouldn’t leave him alone. He said he’s not likely to wear those pants again as they were apparently ‘positively furry’ lol I told him at least with ours, he’s black and as my husband always wears black, he’d never know there was fur on his pants lol serves him right for not liking cats lol

  • Kittycat

    I love my black cat shadow, who just had kittens! Shes fun, comfy, and furry along with friendly; She trusts me with her kittens and my brother loves to look at the little silky fuzzballs.( We cant tell if their guys or gals yet though ) But the main thing Im saying is, the black cat isnt bad luck and their really easy to trust, clean up after, and their the best friends you could get!

  • cat owner

    i have 4 cats the oldest and biggest is a black and white cat i got from a shelter 10 years ago
    the twins i adopted from a neibor 3 years ago
    and then came midnight who was dropped off by one of my little brother’s friends that poor thing was probably no bigger then a 12 oz pop can when he first came in my family’s life he was even smaller then the twins but after we nursed him back to health he was deffenitly the smarted animal i have ever met in my life wheather it was waiting til my big cat looked away to pounce, or prying the screan of my window so he could get in my room good god i love that cat haha can’t wait til i get to go home and see him again

  • When I went to the shelter to find a cat, I wished I could take them all home lol (and wondered why being a ‘cat lady’ was a bad thing). When I came across my black beauty, he was snoozing in his kennel. After a few hours there, I ended up back where his kennel was and said hi to the cat that was above him. That’s when he woke up and I said hi to him. He then put his paw between the bars and touched my hand. He did that a few times and when I texted my friend about him, he put his paw out again and touched my phone. I knew then I wasn’t leaving the shelter without him so I adopted him and took him home. That was 2 months ago today and he’s happy and healthy and he adores my two kids who adore him too. He’s got two homes lol my house and my mom’s and I always bring him to my mother’s with me. He sleeps beside me at night on my black hoodie that I lay out for him. He’s such a little jewel and it didn’t take me long to fall completely in love with him.His name at the shelter was Stanley but I changed his name to Eri, which means my protector in japanese. It took me 4 days to find a name for him lol and in the end I couldn’t decided on one, so he has 3 names. Eri Anubis Kyo Niikura. My friend insisted on Anubis since she felt he should have an egyptian name since they worshipped cats. He’s also the first black cat I’ve ever owned. People can think what they want about black cats and if the superstitious people think that makes me a witch, I’m proud of it!!! Though if I were them, I’d think twice about throwing that at me cause I just might turn them into toads lol.

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