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American Bobtail

american bobtailThe American Bobtail originates from the United States. Although they are common in America, they are hard to find in other parts of the world.

The origin story of this breed has many varieties, according to one of those stories, the breed was created by crossing a North American lynx and a common house cat, but this seems unlikely because the lynx and the common house cat belong to different branches of the cats family and the Lynx is still twice as big as a house cat. The most likely explanation is that the breed originated from crossing or a mutation among U.S. domestic cats.


The American Bobtail is medium to large, solidly built breed with a natural, wild look. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs. The American Bobtail has large, round feet. These cats are fully grown after 3 years. The tail is straight and extends normal to the mid-heel. It may also be slightly bent. The length and shape of the tail is quite variable, from almost nothing to half a tail with multiple bends. There is also a long haired- and short haired variety. The double coat has a hard outer coat and soft undercoat.


The American Bobtail is very fond of their masters and mates, but can have his restraint with strangers. They don’t like being alone and they have a good relationship with other cats and usually also with dogs. They are very child friendly and have no objection against the lugging around by playing children. Their clownish traits provide an atmosphere of constant amusement to everyone regardless of age. They like to take initiative and they will as tease you until you play with them. It is a rare breed. Loyal, intelligent and gentle.

Care and Maintenance

Like all cats, the American Bobtail needs at least a weekly brushing to get the coat weather resistant and healthy. It is often sufficient to brush with just a coarse comb. During the molt, its better to use a rubber brush or massage glove to remove dead and loose hairs. One should be cautious because this method could damage the coat.


The American Bobtail is a generally healthy breed.