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American Longhair

Maine CoonThe American Longhair / Maine Coon cat has numerous origins stories. Some sources say it was the result of an experimental crossbred between shorthaired and longhaired cats, Others say its a evolved American breed. Some even say that Maine Coons come from crossbreeding with raccoons… Which is highly doubtful. The Maine Coon most likely origins are located in England around the year 1850.


The American Longhair / Maine Coon is a large-sized cat. Its coat is can come in a different variety of colours. Like the breed name suggests, they have long hairs. They have a soft and beautiful coat, parts of the coat can be longer on specific parts of the body, like the tail or the chest. Because of their size and weight they have big and strong legs to support them.


The American Longhair / Maine Coon is often called the Gently Giant. They are very sweet and form a strong bond with their owners. They can be shy around new people they meet and will not seek out too much attention. They tend to be quite vocal and talkative at times. The breed is also known for being rather intelligent cats.

Care and Maintenance

Because of its long coat, the American Longhair / Maine Coon requires grooming, although less then other long-haired breeds. In the winter their coat will become thicker, requiring more maintenance.


The American Longhair / Maine Coon can have some health problems, including muscle weakness and hip dysplasia, this can usually be told at young age.