Funny Cats Compilation


The bambino cat breedThe Bambino is a small, short-legged, hairless cat breed. It’s a unusual cat and the breed is a recent.

The breed came into existence by crossing a Sphynx and a Munchkin, the result is the Bambino. They are know for their funny looks and they wobble as they walk.


The Bambino is a small and hairless cat. It has very short legs, both front and hindlegs. The stay pretty small even when fully adult. They have a hairless slender tail. Some variation of the Bambino can have some hairs on the belly or legs.

Coat and pattern

Since the Bambino is a hairless cat, it has no coat and pattern, although some hairs might still be found around the belly-area. Their skincolor is usually pale-whitish, some variations have brown/blackish spots.


Even with its very short legs and funny appearance, they Bambino is very playful and is as active in running and jumping as any other cat. They are very people oriented and love to sleep and cuddle.

Care and Maintenance

Being hairless is high maintenance. They need regular baths to clean their skin of dirt and body-oil and their ears and eyes need to be cleaned out as wel. If they go outside, be careful with sunlight, their skin is sensitive and should not be exposed to long periods in the sun.