Funny Cats Compilation


Munchkin cat
The Munchkin is probably one of the cutest and funniest cat breeds. If you see a munchkin, you will want one.

Their short-legges are caused by a gen variation, making it hard to breed these type of cats. Breeders must keep crossbreeding the munchkin to ensure healthy kittens for future generation. A good tip to keep in mind when looking for a munchkin kitten, is that is from a good and recognized breeder who thinks not only about money, but also about the cat’s health.

The breed is relatively new, appearing first around 1990 where a cat with dwarfishly features had a litter of kittens. It is not confirmed but there are indications that the munchkin has been around much longer, but was not seen as a seperate breed but as a cat with dwarfism.


The Munchkin is a small cat with very short front- and hind legs. The Munchkin comes in any variation of coats and patterns. There are short-haired munchkins, long-haired, spotted, black, tabby and many more type of munchkin cats. This is very unusual in a cat breed, where normally breeders aim for a specific colour or pattern.

Coat and pattern

Like mentioned above, they come in all types and varations. Therefor there is no definate coat or pattern. The main feature of the Munchkin are his or hers short legs. There are 3 types of munchkins: Short, Supershort, Rughugger. Where the rughugger has extremely short legs.


Even with its very short legs and funny appearance, they Munchkin is very playful and is as active in running and jumping as any other cat. They are very people oriented and love to sleep and cuddle.

Care and Maintenance

The maintenance of the munchkin depends alot on their type of coat. A long-haired munchkin needs more coat-care (regular brushing for instance) than the short-haired type. All types of munchkins need to visit a vet frequently as they can suffer from some problems caused by their short-legs.


Because the short-leg features come from a genetic variation, the munchkin can have some health-problems. Make sure you get a munchkin from a breeder who cross-breeds to keep the breed’s kittens healthy. Because of their build, some Munchkins can suffer from breathing problems.