Funny Cats Compilation


A Savannah cat from F1Hybrids Savannahs catterySavannah Cats are a spotted cat breed resulting from crossing an African Serval Cat to a Domestic Cat. During the 1980’s an unplanned mating of an African Serval to a domestic cat owned produced one kitten. That F1 Savannah Kitten was then “Savannah” which eventually became the official name of the Savannah Cat Breed. For every crossing results a “Generation” such as F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5. The number stands for generations removed from the exotic. So an F1 is one generations removed possessing the most exotic traits were an F5 is five generations removed possessing the most domestic traits.


Savannah Cats have long legs, tall up right ears and spotted coats. They should resemble the Serval Cats as much as possible.

Coat and pattern:

The coat pattern should always be spotted with as little barring as possible. Rosettes are non-standard. Fur should be some what corse like the serval and not silky. Colors include Silver, Brown and Melanistic (Black).


Savannah Cats are highly intelligent, quirky, talkative, dog-like, active and exremtly interactive. Savannahs are “dog-like” in their devotion to their owners. With proper training they like to go for walks using a “harness”. Some even play fetch. Cats that are introduced to water early on seem to be completely fascinated by water especially in higher generations. Few of the cats can chirp like birds when excited or left alone just like the African Serval.

Care and Maintenance:

Savannah Cats are low maintenance being short haired. They should be on a standard care plan given for all cat breeds such as regular vet visits. Diet is suggest to be higher in protein and minimal grain content.

Thanks to F1Hybrids Savannahs for the information and pictures