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Cats do miss eachother and get lonely

Grieving cats
If you have two or more cats living together, they will become attached to eachother. The degree of attachment can differ, some cats just allow eachother and other cats can become very close buddies. When this buddy passes away, behavioral changes will usually occur with the remaining cat or cats.

And cats don’t just grieve eachother, the loss of a owner can be equally hard on the feline. The reaction to this loss may differ, some cats will search a while for their missing friend, others might have more permanent behavior changes.

Even though its very sad when one cat passes away, don’t just take the dying cat to the vet and never bring it back home. If you do that, the remaining cat(s) will not know what happened to their friend. They might think their feline companion will come back eventually and stay on the lookout for lenght of days.

Some animal experts suggest it is better to bring the deceased cat home for a day, so their friends can come to understand he or she passed away. They will still grieve and their behavior might aswell change, but they can accept the new situation better.

And cats do get lonely when they survive their buddies, they will miss the companionship and day-to-day happenings. But don’t be too hasty to get a new cat. Imagine if your partner died and the following week your family would force a stranger on you. Its pretty much the same for cats. They need to come to term with their grieve first and not all cats will allow a new cat to intrude in their home.

If you know your cat is sick and will come to pass, you could think about already getting a new buddie, so they other cat can get used to the new cat, and not see him/her as a threath.

All cats grieve in their own way, some might even become more playfull or want more attention. This is no indication for the amount of grieve, this might be a way for them to deal with it.

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  • Tricia

    When my oldest passed in February of this year unexpecitidly I had no idea what to expect from my two younger babies. I was heart broken. Completely torn apart. At first my younger cats were concerned about me not knowing what had happened. After a week or so I noticed my youngest (just turned 1) looking for her in their usual lounging places. My other who is about 5 got to spend more time with my oldest and she started picking up toys and carrying them around the house crying. My youngest I think has come to terms as she has an older sibling/ parent in my other kitty. My 5 year old however still looks and cries from time to time. There’s still a hole in my chest from the loss and it makes my heart ache to know that my baby is still missing her friend.

    • Lance

      I had to put down my best friend last night. Smokey had cancer and now I worried about how it will affect is sister. I totally understand the hole in your chest feeling. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life putting down my little buddy. I am sorry for your loss as well I hope we both find ways to deal with our losses but never forget our lost friends.

  • Pattie

    Yup, have felt the pain of loss of my cat, Joey and the pain of my remaining cat, Oliver as he looked around the house for his buddy. It was heartbreaking. It’s been a little over six months now and since my remaining cat has always been with his brother, I think it’s time to bring in another companion. I feel that he’s bored and is needing more of my attention. My only fear is that his “peace” and ownership of the house will make him miserable if I bring a new one in. He has always been unusually accepting of other animals that visit, dogs, puppies and Joey as a kitten when I brought him in. Hoping all goes smoothly – getting the kitten for him – not myself!

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