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Cats shaved like a lion, hoax or crazy owners

This cat is not a happy lion

Un-purrcking-believable, I saw the picture on the left last week on my girlfriend’s facebook. A cat shaved to look like a lion. At first I was like WTF is this, because I had not seen this yet. But it turned out it was not a single incident, there a numerous pictures of cats looking like this. Dude, seriously? Yup, seriously!

The story behind the picture on the left is that the shave-job was an accident. The owner went in for a line-cut, the groomer misheard and thought she meant a LION-cut. Other sources say this story is a hoax and that the owner did this for cosmetic reasons.

I don’t know the owner so I do not know what the real motivation was… But the cat’s facial expression says it all. This kitty is NOT happy with the messed up hairdo.

lion-cut lion cat

It is said that a lion-cut can be helpful for long haired cats who’s coat is all tangled and full of knots. But I keep on thinking, if this is really the reason, why not just a full shave job… This is one smelly affair!

I do agree that it looks pretty bad-ass, having your own little lion sleeping on your lap, but lets not forget the most important thing: the cat’s wellbeing. Of all these pictures of cats shaved like lions, I still have yet to find a single one where the cat looks happy.

seriously pissed off lion cat

16 comments to Cats shaved like a lion, hoax or crazy owners

  • sara fuentez

    My kindergarten students loved looking at these pictures!!

  • Cats Around The Globe

    Thanks Sara, that’s great to hear!

  • Jessika

    The reason the hair is not a full shave is that you cant cut their whiskers, because they will lose their balance and not know what size holes they can squeeze into. The head, legs, and tail also can not be cut because cat skin is very easy to cut up and those are risky sensitive areas. Cats get hot easy and even with regular brushing matting and hairballs are an issue with the long hair cats so grooming is to keep them comfortable and safe.

    • Er Win (Cats Around The Globe)

      Good point Jessika, I had not thought of that.

    • SF

      Jessika, excellent info. So I am a new cat owner and I made a HUGE mistake getting this cut done yesterday by a cheap Petsmart groomer not under sedation and with little warning from her about the downside. So, (A) my kitty looks AWFUL. I mean WAY worse than these examples. And (B) I wasn’t advised about the end of the tail being a high risk area. Within 30 minutes of being home the tip was bloody and within and hour it was dripping blood. (This is an indoor cat.) I can tell my cat hates this cut. Do Not Do this to your cat!

      So what should I do about tail damage? Besides go to the vet?

      • Er Win (Cats Around The Globe)

        Well going to the vet as soon as possible is your best option. It might just be superficial cut, but it might also need stitches. Let us know what the vet said.

  • Sue S

    Our cat was shaved in this “style” last summer. He has a very thick, heavy coat, which despite grooming becomes quite matted. His coat is black & he looked fabulous. It kept him cooler in summer (he hates the heat) & was he was far more comfortable without the matting pulling on his skin. It was very obvious he loved it. He will be shaved again this week & we intend to do it every summer for him.

  • Sue S

    I need to add – it was done by a vet & under sedation.

    • Er Win (Cats Around The Globe)

      This is the best way, and the most pleasant way by far for your cat. Great to hear your cat loved it!

  • Ellen

    Twenty years ago I had my Himalayan’s hair cut in a lion cut. He matted so easily that this was the best haircut for him. He never minded it at all.

  • Ellen

    He wasn’t sedated either.

  • Kittycat

    I would not think about doing this to my poor lil Mue!!

  • Kellie

    We have a Norwegian Forest Cat who gets a lion cut shave every summer to beat the heat. Although he is a bit miffed about the whole ordeal at the beginning he loves the fact he is not roasting in the summer sun. We get him shaved without sedation at PetSmart and they are great. Do not sedate your cat just for a shave find a groomer that can work with cats. And always leave a pom on the end of the cat’s tail so they don’t think it’s a snake and keep biting it (another cat did this).

  • Matt

    HA! I thought exactly the same. I noticed that Pets at home do a lion cut, very fitting as my bengal is called Simba! I looked at a gallery of 50 lion cuts and not one cat looked impressed, i know some cats do look moody, it’s just their face but my cat has a smile unless he’s annoyed at me. So i’m guessing a lot of cats do look happy? Therefore verdict on lion cut has to be a thumbs down. Unless your cat needs to be shaved for health reasons i wouldn’t put a kitty through this, they aren’t dogs, they have their own mind and will not forgive you for doing that to them.

    Oh and the cat should be sedated for it too! oh man, definitely don’t do it for the style alone, sedating animals isn’t good really (unless again it needs it for health reasons). I’d have hair down to my butt if I had to be put to sleep to get a hair cut.

  • Laura

    I just had my cat clipped like this but not out of choice 🙁
    As he gets older he’s less able to groom, esp during winter when his fur gets wet and matted. The bits they leave are because the cat is still able to groom there (mine still has a full tail, rather than just the end) and the face because of the whiskers, as someone has said further up. Definitely wouldn’t do it out of choice, it made me sad to see him like he is now so no idea how he feels!

  • I have long haired cats and I give them a lions cut every summer. Gets the old fir off, helps their skin breathe (pet dander) and keeps them cool. They are SO happy once it’s done and have so much more energy. That thick, hot fur just drags them down in the summer heat.

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