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Cats that look like Hitler

Some people believe that after you die, you’ll be reincarnated as an animal. I believe some people need to take their medication. But maybe I’m wrong, and reincarnation is not wishful thinking but a true science. I will have to adjust my opinion after seeing these cats… It seems like I was wrong.

Ein Alley Ein Meow

Come on, this can not be coincidence, look at that little mustache and those hairs above his eyes.

Heil my daily playtime

At first look its seems like a sweet little cute kitten, but I got a feeling this kitty doesn’t play well with others.

Dein Purrher

Okay now its getting creepy, not only does his colors resemble Hitler, he has even got that look… Brrr

Hitler needs to go to fat-camp

Its spot on… except that this little furry Hitler needs to go to camp. Fat-camp that is.


The mustache, the black combed to side hairs, its him guys… but as a cat he does look pretty Adolfable.

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