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Crossbred vs Pedigree cats

There are dozens official and even more unofficial catbreeds but when someone decides to get a cat as pet, their first choice should be pedigree or crossbred cats.

Pedigree vs Crossbred cats

Not an easy choice, because there are pros and cons to both, with a pedigree cat you will know what you’ll get. There is a lot of information available about the character of an pedigree cat, next to the general health and behavior feats. By choosing a specific breed you choose a cattype; independent cats, very active and playfull cats, ideal cuddle- and lapcats, very affectionate cats, cats that love a busy household etc.

When you choose a crossbred cat, you basically get a furry surprise. Their character is unknown, so it could be that your new pet does not like to be petted much and is very independent. Or maybe too dependent and claims too much attention. Or maybe your cat will be perfect for you.

It may seem as if a pedigree cat is the better choice. And if you are looking for a specific type of cat, it usually is. But be aware that these furballs don’t come cheap. A lot a families choose a crossbred cat because they are free or they don’t have the means to afford a pedigree. And in most cases a crossbred cat can be as good of a match as a pedigree for their owners.

Usually crossbred cats are very healthy, because they ARE crossbred. The crossbreeding allows for a much broader gen-pool, providing in generally healthy cats, where as pedigree gen-pools are very limited and this can cause some health problems.

Also, lets not forget that in most countries there is a large excess of crossbred cats and they can become stray cats, (a stray cat is not a wild cat, but thats another story altogether which will be discusses soon!), so by choosing a crossbred you are helping reduce stray cats.

Whatever you decide, always realize that a cat is a big responsibility and a long one too. And remember that although some behavior is breed-specific, other behavior can be taught and a good upbringing will make most cats, crossbred or pedigree, great pets!

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