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Why you should not feed your cat vegan food

cats are not veganI recently heard about some vegetarian people who are also turning their cats to vegans. While the choice to be vegan is each his own, you can not make your cat a vegan and this is why.

Cats have been eating meat-only for many thousands of years. A long time ago, before cats became pets, there were no domestic cats, the only food-source for cats were other animals, preferably small rodents or birds. Their whole digestive system evolved on a meat-only carnivore diet.

The digestion of a cat can not handle vegetable food, this is one of the reasons why cats eat grass. They can not digest it and it will induce a vomit reflex to throw up hairs stuck in its stomach.

Vegetables do not contain the proper nutrients that cats need for their well being. Nutrients like proteins, vitamin A, vitamin B and taurine are essential for cats and are not found in vegan food.

Maybe your cat will eat the vegan food, but because it does not contain the right nutrient, your cat will become weak and more vulnerable to diseases and health problems.

We, humans, are omnivores, meaning we can live on meat or vegetables. Cats are carnivores, they need meat. So if you really love animals, let your cat be an animal, and feed it a healthy type of cat food.See our guide on good quality cat food here.

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