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Designer kitty beds and houses

Cats tend to sleep and sit on the stranges places, like your laptop or a cardboard box. But what if your cat wants something more exclusive and trendy? These are some amazing options for cat beds, cat pads and cat homes!

Design cat house

modern design cat houseThis is not a new apple product or a speaker system. It’s a modern design cat house and it’s awesome,

The wooden finish and the clear white front will look great in any designer home, and the inside is fluffy and cozy just like mr. Kittens likes it. With it’s removable front and back panel it is even easy to clean.

These awesome design houses are tailor-made and an order can take up to two months to arrive. From: Etsy

Wooden cat tree house

Cat tree house with bark and leaves What cat would not want his own treehouse in the livingroom! Bringing the outdoors indoors, this cat tree house delivers.

Cats love it and these treehouses come in different sizes and shapes.

With the tallest version, you cat can climb up to 7 feet high. There are smaller (and a bit cheaper) versions as well.

The real looking bark and leaves complete the picture! Custom made to fit, you are promissed a unique on-of-a-kind cat tree house. From: Pettreehouses

Niche Kokon

Niche Kokon cat house
With even a name that screams design, the Niche Kokon is something else. Elegant, design and minimalistic, this cocoon for cats looks amazing.

And even better, you have two uses for this furniture piece. A cat house, but also a cat litter box. The backside of the Niche Kokon is removable giving you free access to it. A litter box has never been so stylish before.

Although, I would suggest using it as a cuddly cat home, because it’s to beautiful for a litter!

As an extra feature, there is room for a plant of choice on top, or any other designpiece of your choosing. From: PousseCreative

Cat Cabin

Cat Cabin
That design objects do not always have to be shiny and square, proves this cat cabin. It looks like something out of a forest, robust and impressive. Four viewing holes and a large, softly padded surface for your cat.

The Cat Cabin’s structure is made entirely out of liana and wood, giving it it’s natural look-and-feel.

And better yet, making it sturdy and guaranteed to last you a long time. From: HomeBasic

Cat Rondo Stand

Cat Rondo StandWe all know that cats love high places. The guys over at 2bmod combined design with cat-preference and came up with the Rondo Stand for cats.

The standing base is stainless steel and the design comes in leather, felt and wicker.

Even the inner padding can be customized and in different colors.

And if you have little space, this high quality cat house can even be mounted to any wall, for an even sleeker design look. From: 2bmod

Heated cat triangle bed

Heated cat bed house This will be your cat´s new favorite place. This triangular cat house is enclosed for a safe feel for your cat, and better yet, it is heated!

Just plug the heated cat house in and your feline friend will always have a warm place to cuddle up for a nap. The material is made entirely of soft foam and plush fleece, making it super cuddly.

Be sure to check if your cat fits, because even though cats like small, enclosed spaces, some large cats might think it´s a little bit small. From: HammacherSchlemmer

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