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How to train your cat to use the toilet like a human

Are you getting tired of changing the litter box each time? Or do you dislike the smell of freshly baked catpoo? Well, this might just be the solution for you and your cat. I found this gem on Imgur.

I’ve turned this into a step-by-step guide on how to potty-train your cat.

1. The potty training cat set-up

potty train your cat step 1
Place a bowl of some kind below your toilet seat. A empty lasagna bowl was used in the picture, but you can use whatever you have laying around, as long as it fits. Fill the bowl with your regular litter box filling. Also place your current litter box next to the toilet.

2. Getting your cat comfortable

potty train your cat step 2
Put some of your cat’s droppings (yes I mean cat poo) in the bowl. This way the cat will pick up the scent and know this is a safe place to go to the toilet.

3. Potty training time

the cat is using the toilet
If your cat gets on the regular litter box, move him to the toilet seat. Do not force your cat, this will have a negative effect and your cat will dislike the toilet seat. Just gently place the cat on the seat and let it see whether or not it wants to use the toilet-litter-bowl or not. If at first you don’t succeed, try it the next time your cat needs to do no.2. Eventually your cat should get the idea.

4. Start removing the litter

remove the litter from the bowl
When your cat is used to using the litter-bowl, start making a small (glass sized) hole in the middle, so the poop can fall in the toilet. Increase the size of the hole day-by-day to adjust your cat to using the toilet without litter filling. (Make sure your litter filling is flushable, otherwise your piping might get clogged)

5. Final step: cat using the toilet like a human

training your cat to use the toilet like a human
Finally, remove the bowl from below the toilet seat entirely. Your cat should be adjusted by now. With a bit of luck, your cat can now use the toilet like any other human. Remember, this might not work for all cats.

The pictures feature Tesla, the cat of Imgurian “APerfectMentlegen

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