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Everyone wants to adopt British shorthair cat Majoor

British shorthaired cat (not Majoor)An animal shelter in the Belgium town Lommel that is packed with cats, had taken in one purebred cat, a British shorthair named Majoor (Dutch for Mayor). Within a few days, the shelter received hundreds of phone calls and emails from people from all around Belgium (and other countries) that wanted to adopt the purebred cat.

Volunteers at the shelter call the attention for cat Majoor unheard-of. Usually they have to struggle to even find a family that wants to take in one of their shelter-cats. When the message that purebred Majoor was up for adoption hit facebook, the phones rang off the hook at the shelter.

The shelter even received three false claims of ownership for cat Majoor. When the shelter asked specific details about cat Majoor, the so-called owners did not have the answers, that a real owners should have been able to answer in a heartbeat. The tom-cat Majoor is valued around $ 500,- .

In the meantime, the volunteers of the animal shelter narrowed the selection down to 3 people, who will visit cat Majoor this weekend (July 20th 2013) and after a “meet-and-greet” the shelter will choose the best option for Majoor.

It’s great that there is this much interest for a shelter cat, but it goes to show that a ‘free’ purebred British shorthair gets people to adopt a cat, and a ‘normal’ shelter cat gets no attention at all and sometimes have to be put down by the shelters because of lack of space.

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1 comment to Everyone wants to adopt a British shorthair cat

  • Ron Armstrong

    It is a damn shame that other cats may be bright, lovable and fun but don’t get a look-in because of elitism. And do we know if Majoor has any such qualities, or is just a dull face with a pure white coat?

    My first cat was the last of the litter but no runt….big green eyes and huge paws showed his future. He topped out at 24 lbs! Such were his affections and antics that I chronicled him in the local paper…..and got paid for it!

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