Funny Cats Compilation

Internet cat memes to remember

Ahhh internet memes, are they not wonderful, especially the cat-memes. Since the dawn of time the internet, many cat memes have come and gone. Which do you still remember and what was the best cat meme? We’ve made a selection of the memorable ones. Enjoy!

Bonsai kittens

Bonsai Kittens Hoax

One of the first (cat)memes to hit computer screens around the world, bonsai kittens was a hoax in which photos were editing to look like kittens were raised inside a glass jar to keep kittens at kitten-size. Off course fake, but funny.

Ceiling Cat

Ceiling Cat is watching you

Ceiling cat is one of the most funny memes around. This tabby is peaking through a hole in the ceiling and became famous around the globe by being used on webforum and message boards as a cat who could see humans do all kind of deviant things. In later edits, Ceiling cat became a god-like being, watching and passing judgment on humanity.

Long cat

Long cat is long

How long is long-cat… Long cat is long. This white domestic kitty was posted on a message board and the sheer lenght of the cat made it into an meme. Long cat is depicted in thousand of different situations, in historic scenes, movies, animated gifs and so on. Long cat always makes me laugh and never gets old.

Lol cats

Lol Cats - I can haz cheezburger?

Unlike the memes listed above, lol cats always features different cats. The pictures are superimposed with funny text usually in bad writing, called lolspeak. Made popular by Cheezburger.

Nyan Cat (aka Pop Tart Cat)

Nyan Cat

A simple animation of a pop tart with cat features made it to the interwebz hall of fame. The forever looping image has its own theme-song (search for nyan cat on youtube!) and its own websites, twitter and facebook pages.

Serious Cat

Serious Cat

Look at that face. Undoubtedly, that is one serious cat. Used as a image-response on message boards to counter one’s attempt of being funny about a serious topic. Sometimes the picture is captioned with “I are serious cat, this is serious thread”.

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