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Keep your cat calm during loud and scary fireworks

Keep your cat calm during FireworksFireworks and cats is usually a bad combination. Most cats get very scared and startled by the loud noises of firecrackers. Cats tend to find a spot to hide, like under a sofa or under your bed.

Your cat probably can’t escape the loud noises of fireworks and New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July return each year. But there are a few things you can do for your cat, to reduce the cat’s stress and fear.

Getting your cat used to fireworks and loud noises

This first step is best started with weeks before any firework event. You can significantly reduce your cats fear for fireworks by making him or her used to the sounds and loud bangs of firecrackers. There are many videos of fireworks on YouTube, just search for firework sounds and you’ll find plenty of videos to choose from.

Then start with a very low sound level and play the video a few times. Pay attention to your cat. Usually at very low sound levels the cat doesn’t even pay attention to the sounds. Now increase the sound level slightly and play it again. In a few days, play it again and increase the sound level. Do this a few times a week a few weeks in a row, and keep looking for stress in your cat.

By gently increasing the sound levels to a loud level, you cat will know the sounds already. This way, your cat will be prepared for the sound and care less about fireworks!

Reducing the noise-levels

So, the fireworks are starting soon and you know it will be loud. You can’t block out the sound, but you can make sure the sound is reduced a bit. Make sure you close all doors and windows, if you have a central room with inside doors, close those as well. This will reduce the sound up to 25%.

Give your cat something with your scent

Your cat is probably very fond of you. It knows your smell and associates your smell with food, attention and safety. Your smell (scent) will be comforting to your cat, even if you are not in the same room.

So be sure to provide a blanket or something else with your scent somewhere near the place your cat stays during fireworks. This will have a comforting effect.

Don’t stimulate your cats fears

If your cat is scared and hiding under a sofa or bed, don’t pet it excessively or give it too much attention and comforting. Your cat is scared and if you start comforting your cat, your cat will think that it has a good reason to be scared.

Paying less attention to your cats during fireworks has a positive effect. Cats still see their owners as somewhat of parents, and when your cat sees that you are not scared and you don’t care about fireworks, it will know it has less to be afraid of.

Stress reducing scented vaporizer

These are several brands that offer vaporizers for cats. You plug a vaporizer in a power outlet and it starts letting out a pheromone scent that makes cats calm. The pheromone is the same scent that’s released by your cat when your cat is purring.

This way, the cat will feel more calm in a room with a vaporizer, even during stressful times like fireworks. A vaporizer I personally used is the Feliway Vaporizer. I was pleased by the results.

A small amount of stress is normal as it’s a pretty unusual event for a cat, but if you follow these steps, you’ll have a much calmer cat that can handle fireworks!

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