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Meet Lil Bub, a time traveling perma-kitten cat

Lil Bub the perma-kitten catWatch out grumpy cat, there is a new sheriff in town. A time and space travelling sheriff that is. Meet Lil Bub.

Lil Bub is quickly becoming a big internet cat star! The cat who is described as a perma-kitten (a genetic abnormality causing Lil Bub to stay small) combined with several other unique features make Lil Bub one special one-of-a-kind kitten!

If you are wondering what kind of cat breed Lil Bub is, you would be surprised to learn Lil Bub comes from a litter of stray domestic cats. So no particular breed at all. Just a roll of the genetic dice and voila: Lil Bub.

Even though Lil Bub is special, she is a healthy, playful lovely cat! Oh and also she can travel through space and time. On her website Lil Bub answers visitors question, ranging from questions about her daily life in Indiana, but also about her frequent visits to planets in star-systems you haven’t even heard of! Lil Bub has her own spaceship, the location of it is top secret of course.

There is even talk, though unconfirmed, that Lil Bub is planning to meet up with Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce in the near future. Check out her site:

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