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Jordan Walker considers himself a true animal advocate. He writes for Coops And Cages and several other blogs where he happily shares his real experiences and what he knows about animals to the public and with bloggers like me. This article talks about how a person could benefit from owning cat and how to keep the cat happy at home.

Leisure and pleasure has become more expensive these days. Just look at how many people spend thousands of dollars on travels during holidays. On regular weekends, drinks at the bar or dinner in a classy restaurant could easily eat away a day’s worth of salary. Why do people keep on doing this to themselves when they could just put the money in the bank for this to earn interests? It’s because people are trying to fill something devoid in their lives. They would rather do something on their free days than to spend it in loneliness. But what people do not often see is that these activities only provide momentary relief to their aloneness.

Reasons to Get a Cat

In comparison, there are other alternatives that may provide lasting joy compared to trivial activities. Owning a pet cat for example that could improve overall feelings of well-being. For people who feel that loneliness creeps in every waking day, these are just some of the reasons why having a cat at home should be greatly considered.

  1. A cat is like a happy pill.For some reason those who own a pet have elevated moods. A pet such as a cat beside you could increase serotonin and dopamine in the brain, chemicals that are said to make you feel good. This may also be the reason why people who were just subjected to very stressful situations are able to recover quickly when they are with their petscompared to peoplewho were with human companions.
  2. Offers a free circus show. The comedy bar at the metropolitan square may offer to make people laugh their hearts out. There is just one problem though- these shows do not come in cheap. The best seats will always have a corresponding price. With a cat at home, a person only needs to have toy mouse or a ball and the cat can do all the entertaining. These may not be as rough as dogs when it comes to play but cats are just as amusing with their tactics.
  3. Companionship benefits. A house without the presence of another company could easily make a person lonely. The television or computer may offer some level of distraction but there is nothing like having another life form offering some sort of comfort. While it is true that cats will never be as obedient as dogs, what they do offer is their friendship once they are able to trust human companions. They could cuddle up to their owner’s lap that tells that they are there for them.
  4. Less stress on the heart. A heavy chest may not be an indication of feelings of unhappiness. Maybe this is just the body’s way of saying that there is something physically wrong with the heart. Many heart conditions are often linked to high cholesterol and triglycerides. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that having a pet such as a cat can lower both, reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  5. Makes one have a sense of purpose.  Even with their very independent nature, cats still depend on their owners for basic needs such as food and shelter. Someone who owns a cat understands that they are not just responsible for their own well-being but are expected to take responsibility for the cat’s needs as well. It’s like when someone has a kid to take care of. It gives the person that feeling that they need to provide the best they could to make their children comfortable.
  6. Contributes to a healthier body. One of the reasons why some are unable to enjoy life to the fullest is because while their mind is willing, the body is not. Physical illnesses could prevent one from engaging in different physical activities. This could easily make one feel less than perfect and lead to depression. The best thing to fight common diseases is by increasing the body’s immune system. Those who have pets such that of a cat has been found to have better resistance and are able to fight allergens better than those who don’t.

How to Keep a Cat Happy

Cat ownership is a relationship that should not just benefit the human companion. The cat should also be able to get something out of this. Just as a person is prone to sicknesses and emotional problems, cats are no different. In order to ensure that a pet cat remains happy and is always in its best physical form, owners must remember to observe these rules.

  1. Regular check-ups. Cats can’t talk. They can’t tell their owners that their teeth are falling out or if they have a broken a leg. A cat will surely never be able to say that its sugar level is on high. A trip to the vet may be able to reveal some medical conditions that an owner could not diagnose on his own. With this, further damage could be controlled with the use of medicines or preventive measures recommended by the veterinarian.
  2. Observe dinner rules. The whiskers of a cat are very sensitive. These are like their antennas and if possible, do not like these being touched. Offer the use of big bowls so that the cat will be able to eat freely without its whiskers being disturbed. For some strange reason, cats like to eat and drink in separate locations so keep the food and drinking bowl in separate places.
  3. Give it its private litter box. If there is more than one pet cat at home, the use one small litter box could pose a problem. Instead of using the litter box, the others may poop on the carpet instead. To avoid this scenario, get a big open litter box or purchase several litter boxes since many cats like to defecate in their own private space.
  4. Don’t ignore it. The cat may snub its owner most of the time but when they like to play, they can be very active. They are like night creatures and are up and about during darker hours. When ignored, they could become depressed or exhibit disturbing behaviors such as terrorizing other cats. That is why it is very important that owners should take the time to play with a pet cat.

Final Thoughts

A feline pet can be considered love in a furry wrap. Great pleasure can be experienced in a number of ways. Some experiences offer a surge of momentary excitement while others will let one experience constant feelings of peace. While the former can make a person feel like he is on top of the world, moments like these are only fleeting. The latter on the other hand lasts for a lifetime and this is what having a cat is like. It offers a person the chance to be with a companion that could give love in return.

Author: Jordan Walker

Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops And Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for ‘attempting’ to play the guitar. If you would like to catch him, you can via Google+ or Twitter: @CoopsAndCages

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