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PETA vs. Caboodle Ranch - shocking update

PETA vs Caboodle RanchOkay, so first things first. I got a tip about the Caboodle Ranch, a place that shelters stray cats in an unique way. They have their own small trailers and live in a community. Their website reads: “Caboodle Ranch is a 30 acre 501c3 non profit cat rescue sanctuary; founded by a single individual who cared enough to make a difference in the lives of our fuzzy little friends“.

Here is a video from Caboodles Ranch’s owner, explaining what caboodle ranch is:

But further research showed that PETA filed evidence to officials, who then seizes the cats from Caboodle Ranch. PETA had sent in someone undercover to film the living conditions of the approximately 700 cats. What they found, was definitely sub-par. According to PETA the cats at Caboodle Ranch didn’t get their much needed medical treatments and where basically left on their own.

PETA released this video showing terrible living conditions for the cats at Caboodle Ranch:

This is a difficult matter, two apparent cat-loving organizations that clash. I understand both their perspectives. Caboodle Ranch was founded to shelter cats that had no other option and it quickly grew from a small group of cats to over 700! cats. Run by one single person, that task must have been overwhelming. I also understand, that it was probably too hard to turn down cats, and that it was started with good intentions.

As you can read in the comments below, Caboodle Ranch was not just a project set up to help cats that grew too large. At first glance it looks like a great initiative, but it turned out that some of the cats at Caboodle Ranch have become blind, crippled and even died by lack of treatment. A full report including SHOCKING pictures can be found on the website CaboodleRanch.net

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  • The owner of Caboodle Ranch was not simply a person overwhelmed, there is proof that he intentionally neglected and caused the suffering and deaths of thousands of cats. Craig Grant, operator and director, found a way of making money off hoarding and neglecting cats. At the end of 2010, Caboodle Ranch had an excess of $80,000 in its account; yet, Craig Grant denied cats medical care. Instead he used donations to personally enrich himself (embezzle). For evidence of abuse and fraud visit http:www.caboodleranch.net

  • ASPCA testified about the evidence they collected of animal abuse in the civil hearing case for custody of the cats. Exhibits and charts of the abuse presented can be seen at http:www.caboodleranch.net. WARNING! Photos are extremely graphic.

  • MH

    What happened at Caboodle Ranch went well beyond causing cats to suffer horrible deaths, untreated illness, starvation, gruesome deaths by coyotes and much more torture. The owner also defrauded people and is going to be a world of hurt with the IRS. This is NOT someone who was simpy overwhelmed and there is not a single valid excuse in existence that can be offered for what happened there. He refused numerous offers of help and not only let cats die slow, painful deaths, he left them to rot where they died, including INSIDE the buildings. His partner in crime, Nanette, knew what was happening there yet stood by and did NOTHING except lie on the CR blog and ask people for more money. There is plenty of evidence available that documents the tragic lives and deaths the cats there suffered at http://www.caboodleranch.net

  • The article above states that these were cats that “had no other option”. This is incorrect.


    The cats pictured here were beautiful, healthy, adoptable cats — until they became victims of Caboodle Ranch’s hoarding.

    Now one is blind, one is dead, and one — thankfully — was able to recover from the neglect and abuse.

    These cats would have been eagerly adopted, as would any number of the cats at Caboodle Ranch… but Craig Grant refused to let them find forever homes. Whether that was because he couldn’t bear to part with any of his hoarded cats, or whether he was afraid that people would find out just how sick the cats were, I can’t say.

    But the fact is that he routinely turned down requests to adopt cats from the Ranch.

    Meanwhile, he ignored the suffering and death of hundreds of cats, allowing them to become exposed to and infected with FIV, ringworm, giardia, hookworms, roundworms, coronavirus, calicivirus, URIs, and more.

    One final note: this is not “PETA vs. Caboodle Ranch”. This is people who demand that the welfare of cats be protected versus hoarding apologists who want to return those cats to a slow, painful death by disease and neglect.

    Cruelty is *never* acceptable, and no animal lover would willingly turn a blind eye to the suffering and death of cats just because the perpetrator may have started off with good intentions.

    The cats must be removed from Caboodle Ranch, and the people responsible for the abuse of those cats must be held accountable.

  • Thanks for the updates, is was not aware of the full story like this. All animal cruelty must be stopped, deliberate or not, we as humans have the responsibility to provide a safe place for these cats, and it seems as Caboodle’s founder failed at providing that.

    Do you guys know where the cats are now?

  • Michelle

    Wow what a difference a website makes. I was just at the Caboodle Ranch site and thought what a fantastic man he is and now am so disappointed and surprised to read what is going on.

  • Yeah Michelle that is exactly what I thought at first hand. But looks can be deceiving…

  • me

    I went to the ranch almost two yrs ago considering to transfer some ferals to him. No, I didn’t.

    1st, when I got there, a friendly calico jumped on the hood of my car (outside of the enclosure). There were many cats outside of the enclosure. When I asked why this cat wouldn’t be tried to be adopted out, I was told that that’s not necessary as that is their forever home (HOARDER attitiude).
    2nd, they were more interested in the $150.00 donation per cat I was bringing than the financial burden of a bunch of cats that were dumped by somebody they knew (without the donations).
    3rd, no regards to future financial support for the cats.
    Craig and Nanette may think they love cats or know what’s best for them, but they were all about the money. If they really cared about the cats, they would have worked with other organizations to adopt out the friendly ones giving them a chance to get affection from a family and live out their lives not in solitude. They would have asked for way more $$ per cat as $150.00 does not last a lifetime. and so on…..I hope he does not get one single cat back. He should have to sell all his properties and repay the ASPCA for what they have paid to take care of the cats appropriately. And, even on their website they are writing about the case as though Caboodle ranch is doing better (getting more donations to come in, hm??) than if one reads the court transcripts. Evil, evil people, who don’t ever should be allowed pets.

  • Sandia

    I knew something was wrong with this man as soon as saw on the website that he doesn’t let anyone adopt the cats. It was obvious he was a hoarder. It’s heart breaking knowing to know someone like him wasn’t questioned sooner. If you can’t properly take care of a cat why have one at all?

  • Animal Fan

    While what this “sanctuary” did was beyond horrible, you have to take what PETA says with a grain of salt. A few months back an uncover investigator found bag of dead cats at a PETA rescue. PETA shelters are kill shelters, even if they say they aren’t. The cats are moved from the shelters to a larger facility, where they are killed so they can still say the shelters are “no kill.”
    I work at a wild animal rescue center. I’ve dealt with PETA protesters because they think it is wrong to keep wild animals under human care (no matter how dire the animals situations is).
    PETA is not focused on animals, but on profit.

  • Julian

    this makes me sad.

  • lg

    PETA is LYING!!! they are hypocritical liars and planted the “evidence” at the caboodle ranch. don’t believe this lobbying group…they perpetrate lies to control no-kill rescue groups and push their own agenda. they should be ASHAMED!!!

  • Sandra

    Caboodle Ranch was a wonderful sanctuary for cats. Obviously it got too much praise and attention and created jealousy amongst those with their own agenda. So disgraceful that PETA and especially ASPCA attacked this loving sanctuary, terrified the cats for three days and nights as they rounded them up with ATVs and ropes in their ‘raid,’ put them in small cages for several months, and destroyed their wonderful home. So heartbreaking. It is sickening to see all the lies from PETA and ASPCA and haters of Caboodle Ranch. ASPCA has lost thousands of supporters (including me) because of their disgraceful behavior in this tragic witch hunt.

  • Scott Sykes

    $80,000 and cats suffered? I hope this piece of work gets hammered by everyone that comes in contact with him. I had two cats that needed help and I couldn’t raise enough to save them because the place I took them to wanted a couple of thousand dollars to help them. I miss these two every day and if I had half of that money these cats would still be alive and healthy instead of dead and buried in a pet sematary.

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