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About Cats Around The Globe

Cats Around The Globe started as just an idea, on how to share the love for cats online. The inspirater to this website is Katja, a straycat that was adopted as a kitten by Cats Around The Globe founder Erwin in 1998.

Kitten Katja (1998)

Katja was a great pet, companion and family member for 12 years until she passed away in the fall of 2010. After the loss of Katja, the love for this special cat only grew as did the love for cats in general.

Katja (2005)

The idea for this website turned into a first raw sketch in 2011. The first testing-environment was set up in January 2012. And after that came all that you are now seeing.

Cats Around The Globe hopes to provide you with all the information, stories, laughs and joys that are cats. We also value your opinion and ideas, so click a link at the top of this page to select whether to contact us, read our policy and terms & conditions or see the help section.