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Add a Cat

We aim to keep the process of creating a cat-page as simply as possible. You can create a cat-page via the Add a Cat button two ways. Register an account or without an account.

An account will give you a few advantages:

  • Notifications when somebody posts a reply to your cat
  • Auto fill some form fields
  • Able to request cat-page edit or deletion
  • Able to post comments without verification
  • Able to comment without filling in fields

Without an account you can still submit your cat-page easily, you just won’t have any of the perks of the above list.

All fields are required, so fill them in please.

Uploading a photo is easy, click the browse button and select a file. Note that the file is size limited to 1MB and must be a JPG/JPEG or GIF file. You can easily change any photo to these requirement using an image edition tool.

Note: Iphone/Ipad users who use a mini-browsers will have to select a different browsers. Apple has somehow decided to block any image upload from mini browsers, so you can not select an image when adding cat-pages. And since images are required… adding won’t work. We can not do anything about this as of yet, we hope that apple adds upload support to there mini browser very soon. Meanwhile, use an “old fashioned” computer or laptop, or any mobile phone or device that has a different browser.

If you follow these steps, adding your cat shouldn’t be a problem. If you still run into trouble, please let us know so we can fix it!

Related Cats

Below every cat-page are 5 closely related cats. The selection process is based on a number of variables: We will cross-reference you cat’s gender, breed, country, city and habits with other cats and find the 5 closest matches. The no.1 closest match will be displayed at the far-left, the no.5 at the far-right. This process is automated and we can not comply to requests to change related cats below any cat-pages.