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Funny Cats Compilation

The cutest sleeping cats and kittens top 10

Nothing is more adorable then a sleeping, purring little kitten, so we made a top 10 list that will make you melt like chocolate in the sun! Here are some of the CUTEST cats you will ever see doing what they do best, napping!

How many kittens are in there?!
sleeping cats 1

A special sleeping technique you can only acquire after years of sleep-training
sleeping cats 2

Everything = bed
sleeping cats 3

Tag – You’re it! – Snooze edition
sleeping cats 4

Colour coordination!
sleeping cats 5

Ain’t no pillow like a cat-pillow
sleeping cats 6

… just… Awwwwwwwwww
sleeping cats 7

You humans think YOU invented Yoga…
sleeping cats 8

Pleaseeeee 5 more minutesssss
sleeping cats 9

The pro’s of being little
sleeping cats 10

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