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The health risks for cats that eat bugs like flies, bees and spiders

harmless bugs can get eaten by a cat

If your cat is a busy hunter, It may happen that it eats a bug. Maybe a fly or a spider or something you can’t even identify. This is pretty normal behaviour for cats. Our little house cats are still instinctive hunters and sometimes a bug will become its pray. Some cats will only hunt it, kill it and leave it at your window sill. But sometimes your cat will eat the insect whole.

Is it harmful for a cat to eat a bug?

Most of the time, it can do no harm. A regular fly, worm, moth, butterfly, ladybug or spider, is no problem for cats. These insects are not poisonous and the cat will has no problem digesting it.

How to recognize if a bug is poisonous for your cat

If your cat has eaten a bug and you want to know if it is poisonous, try to identify the bug. If you know what bug or spider it is, you can easily research if it is poisonous or has venom. It is important to watch how your cat reacts. If your cat has trouble breathing, has a lot of saliva near its mouth or nose, or acts strange or unhealthy in any way, it is important that you contact a vet right away. Give any information about what kind of bug it is and at what time the cat ate the bug to your vet.

Other health risks with insects and bugs

In most cases, the bug that the cat has eaten, was not poisonous for a cat. But you should still take some measures to ensure the cat stays healthy. Worms, bees and spiders can all contain parasites that CAN be harmful for your cat. Eating a bee that is infected with a intestinal parasite, can infect your cat as well. So be sure to get a parasitic prevention plan from your vet to eliminate this risk.

cats that eat spiders and insects

How to stop a cat from chasing and eating bugs

Maybe you do not like that your cat is trying to snack on a tasty bug. There is not much you can do about it. Cats love to chase smaller animals and bug, so you not liking it, is not going to change that.

The best way to prevent your cat from chasing bugs is to place screens in your windows and regularly clear to prevent bugs from entering your house. For a cat, it is good fun and some healthy exercise, so try not to worry about it to much and let your little living room tiger do some bug hunting!

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4 comments to The health risks for cats that eat bugs like flies, bees and spiders

  • J. C.Bolton

    I don’t understand why people who allegedly love cats are so ignorant of their natural habits. I have lived with them for over 60 years.
    Cats are lone hunters, carnivores, insectivores. They are especially attracted to things which fly past them from side to side, such as birds and moths and butterflies. I once watched one of my cats swallow a mouse from head to tail in ten minutes. I timed it. He didn’t get sick, didn’t vomit, and didn’t have to eat for 24 hours.
    Another of my cats devoured two mice in one day. He was a connoisseur….he only ate the upper half of the mouse, and left the two lower halves for me to step on in my bare feet. He didn’t eat for two days after that. He was very pleased with himself. You gotta love them. They are magnificent animals.

  • Danielle

    I love when my cat eats flies in my house – it’s entertaining and it’s a natural pesticide

  • Bernetta

    I awakened to a sick kitten this morning. He couldn’t hold his head up or walk for that matter. A trip to the local vet and a diagnosis that he had eaten a toxic bug or moth. This was the third kitten that this vet has seen in the last month. I never knew that there was such a thing in my area. He has eaten and drank some water since being home. He is asleep on the couch. I hope I don’t lose him. Note my cat is an indoor cat.

  • PSF

    Our cat became gravely ill over twodays,drinking only water,peeing ok,he became weaker,the vet did lab tests and said his kidneys had failed due to a chemical he had injested…like anti freeze…the only thing we have in our home at present is fruit flies,we are gardeners …no anti freeze anywhere…….i researched this and found that bugs can cause severe acute illnesses in smaller animals especially……he was an indoor cat..we miss him so much..we believe heaven has a place for him..he had a beautiful soul too. Momma and Papa

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