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Funny Cats Compilation

Top 5 biggest wild cats

We have a top 5 biggest domestic cats and a top 5 smallest domestic cats, but what about their wild relatives? We made a top 5 list for these big cats!

5. Leopard / Black Panther


What’s this? Two cats sharing one spot? Nope, it’s the same species. The black panther is a leopard with a black coat. Its caused by melanism, a color variation that also appears with jaguars. Matter of fact, the Leopard and the Jaguar have more in common, they are very alike in appearance, except that the Jaguar is the Leopard big brother.

The Leopard has the largest tail among the wild cats. Their tail can get up to 43 inch (110cm) long. Leopards will eat about anything, from beetles to birds to monkeys and even elands.

This is in the advantage of the Leopard, because bigger predators will fight them for their prey. The Leopard will wisely walk away from any fight it knows it will lose, and simply choose a prey that the other predator won’t eat.

4. Cougar (Mountain Lion)


The James Bond of the big cats, the cougar has many identities. Its known as Cougar, Mountain Lion, Puma, Panther and Catamount. A cougar can get about as big as an adult human. Cougars can be found on the continent of America.

There are many urban legends about cougars attacking humans, but most are not true. In about one hundred years there have been 53 reported attacks, and about 10 fatalities. Cougars do not see humans as prey and try to avoid human contact.

3. Jaguar


The Jaguar is our number 3! Did you know you can also call a jaguar a panther and still be correct? That’s because panther comes from Panthera, a family classification of big cats including the jaguar and the leopard.

Jaguars can be found in parts of the continent America. This beautiful big cat’s number are still declining, but efforts are being made to preserve this beautiful wild cat.

2. Lion


Ask a random person what’s the biggest wild cat and they will probably answer with Lion. And a very logical assumption, although incorrect. But lions are the most famous wild cats, mainly thanks to Hollywood movies and especially since The Lion King.

They can weigh up to 550 pounds (250kg) and they can be found in parts of Africa. There are 12 different subspecies (breeds if you will) of lions. Although the lion is not our number 1 big cat, it is the tallest.

And of all the big cats, only in lions is the difference between males and females so obvious. The male has the distinctive thick mane, the female (lioness) doesn’t have it. Even though the males get bigger, the female lions do all the hunting.

1. (Siberian) Tiger

Siberian Tiger

The biggest, largest and most heavy cat is definitely the tiger, especially the Siberian Tiger. Weighing just under a thousand! pounds (425kg), these giants roam the snowy plains of Russia. There are only about 350 Siberian tigers alive today.

They average about 80 inch (2 meters) long. And check this out: Black bears are this tiger’s dinner. Yeah that’s right, the massive black bear is a snack to this cat. This big kitten earns our number one spot and then some!

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6 comments to Top 5 biggest wild cats

  • paiton william johnson

    This is all true i looked this up because theres a girl in my grade who thinks lions are the biggest so i proved her wrong

  • gbrtnbdfgb

    Ligers and Tigons are the biggest cats in the world dont beleive me look them up

  • Arun

    Siberian, Royal Bengal, White and Asian varieties of this awesome cat are the most fearsome predators on the planet.
    Mandating tigers are the most unpredictable and ferocious tigers found anywheres.
    I’m not surprised that the giant Blackbear is a favorite snack for the Tiger.
    In general the Tiger is one and a half times the size/weight of the African Lion and unlike Lions, they are efficient solitary hunters and very protective of their kill.
    A full grown tiger is known to carry a kill as big as a buffalo up a tree and wedge it in branches to protect it. Amazing cats that must be preserved at all cost.

  • Bernand

    Firstly, i would say that the Lion is King, and tiger a mere servant.

    1) Lions live in prides – family
    2) Lions is the only cats with something on the tail, and hair that makes in distinctively fears.
    3) it roar can be heard for 8km away.
    4) It pretects its young, and Queen, like a King..

    I can go on and on.

  • john

    The only reason a lion pride has a male is to breed. It’s the females who hunt and protect the young while the male lies in the grass grooming themselves or stuffing their bellies with meat the women give him. The male lion is nothing but a servant for the females because its the Queens who rule the pride.

  • the tigers are endangered and they are coming back i am so excited its like a newborn baby is born and my kid told me that because she does scholastic news and I’m typing the kid and the baby tigers and more endangered because the asain people want to search for the baby cubs tigers instead of the adult tigers and its illegal to kill the tigers in some countries and so the cops get on them and the stay in jail for the rest of their life its pretty crazy well i think it is crazy i don’t know if you think its crazy. well now the lions the lions are the best even though the lion pride has a male breed to and the females rules because it is a queen and there not like tigers and by the way about tigers they have great sense of smelling,hearing,and they are great cats and the lions are great cats to they have great smelling,hearing,and great sharp razor teeth. now the jaguar the jaguar blends in i think and is an amazing cat like all i am talking all about these cats they are all amazing cats even though the jaguar has up to 5 babies they have been migrating and all of these cats been migrating also the jaguar has razor sharp teeth it can kill a gorilla thats awesome and now the jaguar is still amazing. now lets talk about the mouton lions the mouton lions live up in the moutons everyone knows that because they are called mouton lions they love to eat deer,bunnies,and other animals in the moutons and they caring and they can kill like everything and even the buffalo. now lets talk about the leopard the lasts biggest cat its awesome has sharp razor teeth and even kills up to 305lbs of animals including pets,and mammals like us one bite your dead and this is the most coolest cat! love talking to ya well mean typing to ya guys well bye love these cats and i have a kitten that is 38 weeks old and her name is annabelle and i have to dogs that are boys one is 4 years old his name is dexter and the other one is a puppy and fat puppy he is 1 year old his name is buddie bye!

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