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Top 5 ugly cats

If you know me or this website, you’ll know that I love cats, no matter what they look like. But we can not hide the fact that some felines are very pretty and others are… well… less pretty to put it gently. We’ve put together a top-5 of the most hideous, ugliest and gruesome cats.

5th ugliest cat
Funny or Scarry or Funny or Ugly?!
Maybe ugly is not the right word… But I just get creeped out by cats who have weird looking faces. They are just so vague I don’t know if I should laugh or run away in terror.

4th ugliest cat
fat ugly cat
Sign this cat up for a make-over program. Hitting the gym wouldn’t be a bad thing, and joining the Hair-club for cats neither.

3rd ugliest cat
Ugly peterbald cat
Those Ears! Those eyes! That Mouth! It looks like this Gizmo got wet already and turned gremlin.

2nd ugliest cat
ugly naked wrinkled cat
Okay, hairless cats can be pretty and cute aswel, but this guy… Its not so much his hairless wrinkled forehead or those glow-in-the-dark eyes. It’s the expression that’s saying “Tonight I’ll choke you in your sleep!”.

The ugliest cat
the most ugly cat ever
Sometimes words can’t describe it anymore…

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9 comments to Top 5 ugly cats

  • Dolly

    I once had a breeder tell me that pure breeds have the looks – but “pet quality” cats have the personality of the breeds. Let’s hope that this poor physically ungifted kitty has the personality in spades. Goofy genes can hide a swwet soul in a pet (and in people).

  • Noble

    Yikes… Number 2 should definitely be number 1

  • Julie O'Connell

    Every single one of these cats has a soul, a beautiful soul and they are ALL beautiful beings that are worthy of a LOT of love and care, just like any other cat. I love them all, they are all beautiful to me! >^..^<

  • Evelyn

    Does anyone know the names of these cat breeds? I know #2 is the Sphynx but not sure about the rest.

  • Christyann

    # three is adorable!!!!! I’ve got to know more about him.

  • I love ❤️ them all. No.#3 & 5 are adorable. I have a rsnow show Siamese & a huge tall long haired black girl,. She is very tall but her frame is extremely tiny. Maybe not even 6 pounds.! I’m blessed that adopted & adopted my girls. That love me as I love ❤️ fhem. I hope that ALZl pets & animals will not

  • *looks mad* all these are beutiful all cats are

  • Kyle McClennen


  • ss

    I really like 2nd and 1st. I don’t get what’s so ugly about those cats with big eyes or wrinkles

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