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Top 5 Smallest Domestic Cats

Cats are the most adorable when they are just tiny little kittens. But what if you want a cat that doesn’t get big and heavy? We listed the smallest cat breeds in a top 5 list!

5. American Curl

American Curl small cat

We will start with this beautiful small breed: the American Curl. The size of these cats can differ but overall they are relatively small. With their unique curling ears and small size, they definitely have the cuteness factor. The breed is very healthy, you just need to help them keep their ears clean due to the curling. They love attention and playtime and are very good with children as well as adults. Just a great, small, family companion

4. Devon Rex

Devon Rex - Theresa F Photography

The Devon Rex is a breed from The United Kingdom. They have an adorable curly fur and unusual big ears and eyes compared to their head-size. The Devon Rex is a small breed. As with most small cat breeds, they are very intelligent. No dog-trick is too complicated for this feline! Cute, playful and smart, What’s not to love!

3. Cornish Rex

Cornish rex small cat - Anna U. Photography

The Cornish Rex is basically a tiny fur ball. Aside from being small in size, this cat has another trick up its soft sleeve: Their coat is unusually soft and furry. The official name for this kind of fur is down-hair and all Cornish Rex have this kind of coat.

Cornish Rex cats can also be recognized by their Siamese-like face, and this cat is one chatty fellow. They really love to talk to their owners.

2. Munchkin

Munchkin small cat - Helmi Flick, Animal Photography

Ahh the Munchkin, these felines have one of the coolest breed names! The most unique feature of the Munchkin is not their small size, although they ARE small. Its their very short legs, which puts them low to the ground.

The munchkin is a relatively new breed, emerging around 1980 in the US, it took 15 year for the breed to be recognized as an official breed 1995.

They love to play, and can run and jump as good as any other cat. Some owners documented Munchkin related health problems, other voices say these problems are not breed specific. What not many people know is that the Munchkin is a smart cat, with an above high feline intelligence.

1. Singapura

Singapura small cat

At the top of the list we find the Singapura. This is one tiny cat. Its called the Singapura because it was believed that the breed originated in Singapore, but later investigation made it clear it was from US origin, exported to Singapore and imported again to appear a Singapore breed. It showed the Singapura has a strong relation to the Abyssinian breed.

Singapuras are known for their small bodies with large ears and large eyes. They have a short coat that requires minimum maintenance. They are very playful and friendly and they love high places!

The size of a any specific cat will also depend on their heritage and gender, there are some Singapuras that get bigger than typical house cats and vice versa. This list contains recognized cat breeds only

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