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Training your cat to never scratch your hands

Not all cats scratchPlaying and toying around with your cat is great fun until you get scratched and end up with a bleeding hand or a red stripes across your arms. But if you hold yourself to a few rules when the cat is a kitten, you’ll have a scratch free life!

A good start

Its so tempting to play with that little kitten, letting him bite gently in your fingers and using his tiny nails on your hand. You don’t feel a thing and its looks oh so cute. But this is the reason why most cats scratch at hands, they were taught to do so as kittens.
So its quite simple, don’t let your kitten scratch your hand or bit your fingers. When playing with your kitten you should use a toy, and if you notice that your cat also goes for your hand, stop playing and walk away. This way the kitten will know you don’t like it, and will be bothered by the fact that play-time is over. This is an important lesson, and one that a kitten will quickly understand.

Don’t tempt your kitten with your hand or fingers. I see people do this all the time and then wonder why their cat scratches when playing. Just stick to using toys to play and using your hands for petting.

Older cats

Cat pawIf you have an older cat and you want to stop him from scratching, it can be quite the challenge. Your cat doesn’t know the behavior is unwanted, but you should apply the same methods as described above, and be patient with it, cause with an elder cat it can take some time. Don’t hit or punish you cat, as this will have no positive effect and will make your cat afraid and only scratch sooner if startled when playing.

I used the above method with my cats and they don’t scratch my hands. I started this training while they were kittens and it worked like a charm. They retract their claws when they see my hand, and they will place their paws on my hand, scratch-free.

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