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5 facts about cats you must know

Ever wondered if cats have dreams? And why they hate water? Are cats smart and can they see in color? How old can a cat get? Checkout this overview of some of the most asked cat questions.

Do cats dream?

a dreaming catYes cats do dream when they sleep. Not all the time off course, just like humans don’t dream ALL the time. Cats have two sleep stages: REM (rapid eye movement stage) sleep and non-REM sleep. The REM-stage is often a much deeper sleep than the non-REM stage and in this REM-stage is where dreams occur.

If you watch your cat closely while in REM-sleep, you can probably see its eyes, mouth or legs move. Cats in REM-sleep should not be awoken, since its a deep sleep and the cat is probably tired. Non-REM sleep is a much lighter sleep stage.

Do cats hate water?

not too happy with the waterSome cats do, others love water! This can have several reasons. First is the climate. If you live in a rather cold climate country, your cat will probably not like water. If they get water on their fur, it will cool them down rapidly, and in cold climates is will make the cat very cold.

Its geneticly passed down that water is a thing to stay away from. Cats from warmer climates often tend to like water as cooling down can be crucial for them on very hot days.

Also, past experiences can be a reason why your cat likes or dislikes water, if your cat’s experience with water are bad (getting splashed, falling in cold water etc), he or she will probably dislike water.

How smart are cats?

smart cat is smartHave you ever wondered how much your cat understands? And if cats are smart compared to dogs, or even compared to humans? We will break it down easy for you, but keep in mind that a cat’s intelligence is often related to its breed and can differ from cat to cat.

People often think cats are less intelligent than dogs because cats can not be taught tricks. This is wrong, since cats can be taught tricks and intelligence in cats should be measured by their skills and abilities, like hunting, climbing, jumping, avoiding obstacles and so on. Intelligence-wise cats are considered very smart compared to other mammals.

Keep in mind that cats are excellent at adapting to a situation. And cats don’t like to do things they don’t care for. So if your cat does not want to play fetch for a treat it doesn’t mean your cat is stupid, your cat just knows it will get that treat from you anyway, and doesn’t see the sense in getting tired for nothing.

Do cats see colors or black and white?

Yes, cats see in color, but different than humans do. Cats see less colors, because their eyes are designed differently.

Cats can see blue and green colors well, other colors like red will appear grayish to them. This is because cat-eyes have 2 cones (cones lets your see colors) and humans have 3 cones.

So take a look at the cat toys you own and you will be puzzled why some of them are colored red.

How old do cats get

Elderly catIn general the lifespan of cats is defined in two groups: outdoor- and indoor cats.

Outdoor cats have a shorter lifespan, approximately 3 to 4 years. Indoor cats have a lifespan around 15 years.

The main reason for this is that outdoor cats are exposed to many dangers like diseases, traffic and other animals.

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