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Turn your friends into cats with the new Cat-ify app

Cat-ify app for AndroidDo you love pictures of your friends but hate that your friends aren’t cats? If so, Cat-ify is the photo editor for you! Cat-ify is a new Android App that lets you add cats, hats, and other silly things to your photos. We think cats make everything more fun so Cat-ify your photos and share them with your friends and family.

You can cover your ex with a cathead instead of tearing ’em out of the picture. What a SAVE! Make your photo funnier and cover up an unwanted element. You can do hilarious photobombs with our silly catheads. Add cat noses and ears to turn your friends and family into cats. It’s another win, especially if you’d prefer them to be cats anyway! Another option is to use the additional photo props to make yourself look much more exciting and interesting than you are.

Cat-ify is available for Android phones and tablets on Google Play. It is available free and offers in-app purchases of $0.99 for additional sticker packs. A special Pet Rescue Pack purchased for $2.99 will unlock all sticker packages and provide an ad-free experience. Blazing Adventure Pants will donate twenty percent of the Pet Rescue Pack to non-profit cat rescue groups, the first recipient being Best Friends Animal Society.

Cat-ify is easy to use and kid friendly. What are you waiting for? Get Cat-ify and purrtify your photos now.

Author: Cheryl Ray

Cheryl Ray likes the silly and absurd. She thinks replacing faces with cat heads is terribly amusing and she thinks everyone should be able to do it. The Cat-ify App for Android won’t make you more productive but it will probably make you laugh which is more important. In the end it might help our furry friends which makes it all worthwhile.

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