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Walking your cat on a leash or harness/jacket

Walking your cat on a leash (harness or jacket) outdoorsMost cats love the outdoors, especially on a nice spring day with lots of bugs and birds whirling about.

But what if you live in a busy city or near a highway? Maybe you do not want to expose you cat to the dangerous of the outdoors.

Walking your cat could be ideal for you. We will take a look at the different types of leashes and harnesses or cat jackets.

Also, I will explain how to train your cat to walk on a leash.

Types of cat leashes, harnesses and jackets.

There are many different devices and systems to walk your cat.

Cat Walking Leashes / Harnesses

Walking your cat on a leash (harness) outdoorsThe most used and most seen type of leash is the good but effective harness leash. This is a type of leash that goes around the neck, the back and the body. The leash is connected to the upper part of the harness, so the pressure is evenly divided and the cat will not be choked. This type of leash is pretty reliable, although most types use plastic push-locks which will start to wear out eventually.

There are different sizes of harness leashes, but most brands have two variations: Kitten and Adult. You can adjust the neck and body length of the harness, which makes it suitable for most cats.

Cat Walking Jackets

Walking your cat in a cat jacketThe walking jackets work pretty much the same way as the walking harness does. The main difference is that the cat walking jacket is more like a jacket, giving more support to the cat and dividing the pressure and pull of the leash more evenly. These are especially handy if your cats pulls a lot or tends to break free from the harness. The jackets can be more tightly fit around the cat’s body and still be comfortable.

*Cat collars

Cat collars are *not recommended for walking. You can use a cat collar if you want your cat to have a cat bell to warn small pray, but *do not use this for walking. A cat is not a dog, and a simple collar can choke the cat, because a cats throat is very flexible and soft. Also, most cats can easily get out of a collar if they want to, so its not very safe if used near a road.

How to walk your cat on a leash

So you have a cat harness or a jacket for walking your cat. But how do you go about it? Follow these steps and your cat should be walking in no-time!

Try the leash or cat jacket on indoors in a safe environment.

Your cat is probably not used to the harness, so you should first try to put it on inside, where the cat is relaxed. Do not force the harness onto the cat. Place the harness softless and not yet locked on the cat. Let the cat sniff and get to know the harness. Try and put the harness on. If this does not succeed, try again gently, but be sure to not force your cat, and do not get mad. Forcing your cat or getting mad will only make the cat dislike the harness more.

When you are able to put the harness on indoors, reward your cat by petting and playing or give your cat a little snack. This way the cat will see the harness in a positive way.

Good and bad outdoor places for cats

I would advice against walking on the public road or sidewalk, because this is simply to dangerous. You might run into someone walking their dog, and that dog might be very aggressive to cats. Your cat is on the leash and can not escape. Way too dangerous. So be sure to have an environment you can control, like a garden or inner square.

Going outdoors to walk your cat

Walking your cat on a leash (harness) outdoorsSo the harness is on and you want to take your cat outdoors. First, think about the route you want to take and the environment. Your cat might be scared by a lot of thing, like the sound of a car or that of a passing plane. You also don’t know if your cat will try and escape from the harness. So be ready for anything.

Open the door to the outside environment, but do not force  your cat. Let the cat choose if it wants to go outside or not. If the cat does not want to go yet, that’s okay. Leave the harness on a while and close the door. Try again later. When your cat is ready, let the cat take the steps. You don’t walk a cat, the cat walks you.

When not to walk a cat

You should want to walk your cat if there is a reason for it. Don’t do it because a collar looks cute or you think it will look nice if you can walk your cat. These are not the right reasons for walking your cat.

Be safe and responsibly, so you and your cat can enjoy the outdoors together in a great way!

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