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Welcoming a new cat or kitten in your home

New kittenGetting a pet cat or kitten is a great joy. They will become our companions for a long time, I know of one cat who is 22 years old and still alive and kicking. So be sure that you are ready for a long commitment.

From my personal experience I have some tips on how to give your newly found pet a warm welcome into your house. If you are getting a kitten or adult cat, what all cats need at first, is time to get used to their new place. Its not uncommon for a cat to be afraid when arriving at a new location. Usually you will see the cat exploring or hiding. From my experience, kittens tend to hide or explore, while adult cats usually go into hiding.

Give your cat time to adjust

Alerted catDon’t try to get the cat out from his hiding spot, this will increase fear. Better yet, you should ignore the cat while he is hiding. That scared little furball will come out eventually, and you should ignore him some more. First let the cat get used to the new place, before you start letting him get used to you.

A plug in vaporizer can help your cat become more at easy, if your cat stays scared and hidden for a long amount of time, try this solution.

Keep the new location small

The best way to not overload your cat senses is to make the first room you put him in closed off. close the doors to other rooms, the smaller the space for the cat to explore, the sooner he will be comfortable. When the cat is used to the room, open one door and let him explore another section of your house. Keep doing this, in small closed off portions, until you have covered the main rooms you cat will be living in.

Getting to know your cat

KittensAfter this you can start getting to know your cat. The best way to approach a cat is crouching on your knees. Standing will make you seems very big and scary to a cat. The smaller you become the more at easy your cat will be. Don’t go running to your cat and don’t make sudden moves, you want your cat to be as relaxed as possible when getting to know you. Let him smell your hand, and try and reward him with a little snack.

At first, your cat may be hesitant to being petted. Don’t rush things and let the cat decide of he wants to be petted.Make sure you have your cat litter box and food bowl set up properly. You can read about setting up a litter box here. And read about nutrition here.

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